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Ask an Electrician: How Much Does It Cost to Install Downlights in Sydney?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

In this edition of our “Ask an Electrician” series, we’re illuminating a topic that has many Sydney homeowners buzzing with interest: the cost of installing downlights. Downlights, with their sleek and modern appearance, not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but can also lead to power and cost savings. We’ll explore the costs involved in upgrading from traditional lighting to downlights in Sydney, including a hypothetical example to help you understand potential savings.

Why Choose Downlights?

Downlights offer a contemporary look, improved energy efficiency, and the ability to customise your lighting scheme to suit different moods and purposes. They’re particularly popular in Sydney homes for their minimalist design and the way they can brighten up spaces without intrusive fixtures.

Cost Factors for Installing Downlights

  1. Type of Downlights: LED downlights are favoured for their long life and energy efficiency. The cost can vary depending on the brand, brightness (lumens), and colour temperature (warm or cool light).
  2. Number of Downlights: The more downlights you install, the higher the cost. However, buying in bulk can sometimes reduce the price per unit.
  3. Existing Wiring: Upgrading from traditional lighting may require new wiring or modifications to your existing electrical system, affecting the overall cost.
  4. Labour Costs: The complexity of the installation and the rates of the electrician or electrical company you choose will influence the cost.

Hypothetical Scenario: The Chan Family’s Downlight Upgrade in Inner West Sydney

The Chan family decided to upgrade their living room and kitchen lighting from old fluorescent tubes to modern LED downlights for a brighter, more energy-efficient space.

  • Initial Setup: Their home needed 10 new LED downlights installed, replacing the existing fluorescent fixtures.
  • Cost of Downlights: They chose mid-range LED downlights, costing $50 each, totalling $500 for the fixtures.
  • Installation Costs: Given the need to replace existing wiring and install new switches, the electrician quoted $800 for labour.
  • Total Investment: The overall cost for upgrading to downlights was $1,300.

Power and Cost Savings

By switching to LED downlights, the Chans noticed immediate benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED downlights consume significantly less energy than fluorescent tubes, roughly 60-80% less, leading to considerable savings on their energy bill.
  • Longevity: LEDs have a longer lifespan, approximately 25,000 to 50,000 hours, compared to fluorescent lights, reducing the frequency and cost of replacements.

Estimated Savings:

  • Before Upgrade: Their old fluorescent tubes consumed about 40 watts per tube, with 10 tubes running for 5 hours a day, costing approximately $150 annually in energy.
  • After Upgrade: The LED downlights consume about 10 watts each under the same usage, reducing their annual energy cost to around $37.50.
  • Annual Savings: This switch saves the Chan family about $112.50 in energy costs per year.


Upgrading to downlights in Sydney homes is not just a move towards a modern aesthetic but also a smart investment in energy efficiency and cost savings. While the initial installation cost may seem high, the long-term benefits of LED downlights, including lower energy bills and fewer bulb replacements, make it a worthwhile upgrade.

Stay tuned to our “Ask an Electrician” series for more insights on enhancing your home’s electrical systems safely and efficiently. Whether you’re considering a lighting upgrade or any other electrical improvements, we’re here to provide expert advice tailored to Sydney homeowners.


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