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Ask an Electrician: How Much Does It Cost to Install Exterior Lights in Sydney?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Welcome back to our “Ask an Electrician” series, where we shine a light on your electrical queries. Today, we’re illuminating a topic that many homeowners in Sydney, from the leafy suburbs of the Inner West to the bustling streets of Marrickville, are curious about the cost of installing exterior lights. Whether you want to enhance security, improve aesthetics, or extend your outdoor living space into the evening, understanding the costs involved is critical to planning your project.

Why Install Exterior Lights?

Exterior lighting serves multiple purposes, from deterring potential intruders to creating a welcoming atmosphere for family and guests. It can also increase the functionality of outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy your garden or patio long after the sun goes down.

Factors Influencing Cost

  1. Type of Lighting: The choice between LED, halogen, or solar lights, as well as the design and brand, can significantly affect the price.
  2. Complexity of Installation: Costs vary depending on whether new wiring is needed, the accessibility of the installation site, and the number of lights being installed.
  3. Electrical Requirements: If your current electrical system needs upgrading to support the new lights, this will increase the cost.
  4. Labour: Electrician rates in Sydney can vary, but quality and safety should never be compromised for cost.

Hypothetical Scenario: The Patel Family in Inner West Sydney

The Patels installed four LED wall-mounted lights around their deck to enhance their evening outdoor experience and improve security. Here’s a breakdown of their project costs:

  • Lights: They chose mid-range LED fixtures, costing approximately $100 each, totalling $400.
  • Installation: Their electrician needed to run new wiring to the deck area and install a switch. The labour cost for this was quoted at $500.
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade: Fortunately, their current electrical system was adequate, requiring no additional costs.
  • Total Cost: The Patels spent $900 on their exterior lighting project.

Additional Considerations

  • Permits: Depending on the scope of work and local regulations, a permit may be required, adding to the cost.
  • Design Consultation: For extensive outdoor lighting projects, consulting with a landscape designer or lighting specialist might be worthwhile, though this will increase the project’s overall cost.


Installing exterior lights is a fantastic way to enhance your Sydney home’s security and aesthetic appeal. While costs can vary widely based on the factors mentioned, planning with a budget in mind and consulting with a licensed electrician can ensure a successful outcome. Quality lighting and professional installation can offer years of enjoyment and add value to your home.

Stay tuned for more enlightening discussions in our “Ask an Electrician” series. Whether considering a small upgrade or a major renovation, we’re here to help you navigate the process with expert advice and insights.


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