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The Ultimate Guide to Electrician Cost in Sydney [Updated 2024 Guide]

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Want to know how much it would cost you to get a Sydney electrician? Our guide can help! This blog post gives an overview of what affects electrician costs in the area. Once done, you’ll be better informed when choosing which one to hire for their services, like LED lighting or solar power systems installations.

We’ll cover average hourly rates, call-out fees, emergency services and common electrical service prices too. Plus, we have tips for hiring only reliable contractors so that your job gets done right with no added hassle or expense on top of those already mentioned factors influencing all quoted jobs in this region.

Key Takeaways

  • This article explores the factors that influence electrician costs in Sydney and provides an overview of associated expenses.
  • Tips for hiring a reliable Sydney Electrician are offered, such as verifying licenses and qualifications, gathering multiple quotes, reading reviews and soliciting recommendations.
  • Energy efficiency cost savings can be achieved through LED lighting systems or solar power installations with considerations such as system size, type and installation cost taken into account.

Sydney Electrician Costs Explained

The cost of electricians in Sydney is determined by multiple elements, such as the kind of electrical service required and its difficulty level plus a technician’s proficiency. Understanding these components can assist you in managing your budget when undertaking an electrical job. Doing this ensures that top-notch work is completed within financial boundaries.

It also helps homeowners make educated decisions regarding their projects, which will guarantee smooth delivery from start to finish. The following sections discuss specifically related expenses: average hourly rates, call-out fees for emergency services and popular electrical services available respectively.

Average Hourly Rates in Sydney

When hiring an electrician in Sydney, it is important to consider the average hourly rates they charge which range from $80 -$140. This rate does not include any additional costs of electrical components required for the job. Those are usually billed separately. The price might be different depending on the difficulty and skill level needed as well as if work needs to be done during or after hours, such as in emergencies. For example, a licensed professional may have an hourly rate of between $70 and $130 per hour to install something like a light fixture into a new house. Knowing these standard averages can help one budget accordingly when considering their options regarding electrical work that needs doing.

Call-Out Fees and Emergency Services

When it comes to electrician services in Sydney, a call-out fee is required for the time and effort used when responding to an issue. These fees usually range between $50-$150 which can contribute towards the final cost of such service. Emergency calls typically carry an extra expense. From $150 – $200 per hour along with additional charges related to travel and timing (particularly if they are after hours). To get better value out of your money, being aware of call-out fees as well as emergency costs is essential prior to any request for urgent assistance concerning electrical matters.

Comparing Electrician Costs Across Sydney Suburbs

When considering the costs of an electrician in Sydney suburbs, multiple factors can affect prices ranging from $50 to as much as $300 per hour. It is important for customers looking for a reliable professional to ensure they check qualifications and read reviews before selecting someone. Key electrical services commonly offered by these professionals include lighting installation and upgrades, power point installation and repair, safety switch/circuit breaker instalment, plus any home wiring needs like rewiring or renovations. Getting quotes from several companies may also be beneficial when seeking competitive rates while maintaining quality service standards.


Common Electrical Services and Their Costs in Sydney

We can now take a look at the costs related to some common electrical services in Sydney, including power point installation/repair, lighting upgrades and installations, safety switch & circuit breaker instalment as well as rewiring for renovations. Knowing these expenses may help you make wise decisions when seeking an electrician for your electrical needs. In this article, we will delve into particular charges connected to each of those works plus elements impacting their value.

Power Point Installation and Repair

When it comes to power point installation and repair in Sydney, costs usually range from $140 to $180. Location and wall material can affect the overall price. For instance, installing an Ethernet wiring point or extra outlets could set you back between $150, and 250 per outlet. To save money on your new power point service setup, consider incorporating a standard output addition with USB Powerpoints which can help reduce expenses substantially. Knowing what’s involved financially should aid you when budgeting any future repairs or installations of this kind at home.

Lighting Installation and Upgrades

When preparing to improve the lighting in your home, it is important to understand all of the associated costs. Lighting installation and upgrades can range from $60 – $200 per point depending on the type of light needed and how complicated its setup will be. Examples include installing downlights for a cost between 40-100 dollars each, ceiling lights at 70-200$, pendant lights 80- 200$ or outdoor ones which may incur costs ranging from 100 – 200$. LED lighting should also be considered as an option since they are energy efficient but requires Investments due altogether with their fitting fees. Outdoor security illumination requires extra safety considerations making them pricier too when having them put into place properly.

Safety Switch and Circuit Breaker Installation

Having a qualified electrician complete an electrical installation that includes safety switches and circuit breakers in your home is vital to the security of its power system. Installation costs vary depending on factors such as switchboard capacity and accessibility, usually falling between $90-250. By understanding these charges for this necessary service ahead of time, you can allocate funds properly while ensuring total well-being.

This equipment provides peace of mind by protecting circuits from overloads or short-circuiting which may lead to costly fires or other risks making it critical for any homeowner’s protection plan.

Home Rewiring and Wiring for Renovations

When considering renovation or construction, it is essential to understand the costs associated with home rewiring and wiring for renovations in Sydney. This can range from $800 – $8,000 depending on the size of your project and the complexity of the electrical system involved. Such as a new house which may cost between $1,500-$3,000 while an existing house’s rewire could be around $3,500 – 8,000.

$3 800, 8000. Having this knowledge will help you make sound budgeting decisions while also ensuring that all components are up-to-date safety standards accordingly.

Tips for Hiring a Reliable Sydney Electrician

Finding a reliable Sydney electrician is essential for the successful completion of any electrical project. It ensures that the work meets high standards and provides peace of mind knowing your system operates safely and correctly. Here are some tips to aid you in obtaining an experienced, trustworthy professional.

  • Check their licenses & certifications;
  • Compare several quotes;
  • Read customer reviews;
  • Ask around amongst contacts or colleagues for recommendations. Following these steps will ensure you hire someone capable of providing quality services including maintenance, installation and wiring to meet all your needs with respect to electricity supply systems.

Checking Licenses and Qualifications

Ensuring that the electrician you plan to employ for electrical work in Sydney is adequately certified and skilled is paramount. You can ascertain their credentials and background in this field by examining their qualifications, training program completion results (e.g., Certificate III of Electrotechnology Electrician) as well and license registration. Trainee professionals must always be supervised while undertaking any projects under a fully qualified person who guarantees high-quality outcomes on all tasks performed that meet legal requirements. Verifying licenses will provide peace of mind knowing that each licensed technician working on your property holds lawful authorization to execute necessary repairs according to required standards set out in the Sydney area.

Getting Multiple Quotes

Gaining a selection of quotes from different electricians is an important step towards selecting the best person for your electrical projects. This allows you to review costs and services, making certain that you receive great value. When asking for quotes, give detailed information about what kind of electrical work needs to be done so that the estimates are as accurate as possible.

When comparing proposals, factor in details such as experience level, track record and prices being charged. After analyzing all bids carefully research-based, make a smart decision based on those factors deciding which electrician works with both your requirements & budget constraints.

Reading Reviews and Asking for Recommendations

For those searching for a reliable and respectable Sydney electrician, obtaining reviews as well as recommendations from individuals they know can be of immense help. Websites such as, Word of Mouth, Yelp and Trustpilot all offer feedback from past clients that provide valuable details about the quality of service an electrician provides along with their customer experience.

It is also worth asking friends or family members if they have any previous experience dealing with specific electricians so you may obtain Advice on which one to choose for your own electrical requirements. Doing this allows you to gain a thorough understanding regarding what capabilities each electrician has along with their reputation in order to make an informed decision when it comes down to selecting them for work-related tasks associated with electricity systems and projects.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

It is important for Sydney homeowners to save energy and money on their electrical projects, in order to lower their environmental impact. By taking advantage of energy-efficient measures such as LED lighting or solar power systems, people can cut costs over the long term while still helping reduce emissions. This text intends to explain these two measures so you can make an educated decision when planning your next project and working towards a greener home.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a cost-efficient and energy-efficient solution for Sydney households. Its benefits include efficiency, durability, affordability and flexibility. Electricians usually charge $60 – 80 per point of LED light installation with the fee depending on factors such as the type of lighting needed, area size to be lit up, colour temperature required and dimming features desired. Being aware of these advantages in terms of finance as well as performance can help you make better decisions while replacing your home’s existing light system with LED ones!

Solar Power Systems

For Sydney homeowners, solar power systems have the potential to offer long-term financial savings and ecological benefits. Installing such a system can bring advantages like decreased energy bills, fewer carbon emissions due to taking advantage of renewable and clean resources, as well as access to up-to-date technology. The cost of installing these devices is contingent upon their size, type and complexity. Nevertheless, it’s critical that you take into account your expected return on investment when making this decision too. It is essential for individuals considering buying solar panels in Sydney homes to understand all the different types available along with any warranties given by manufacturers so they are able to make an informed choice from an educated point of view.


When planning any electrical projects, it is vital for homeowners in Sydney to be aware of the different electrician costs. This guide has gone into detail about numerous aspects such as hourly rates and call-out fees. Emergency services, common electricity services with their respective prices, and advice on how to employ a reliable Sydney electrician while also introducing energy-saving solutions like LED lighting or installing solar power systems.

By considering all this information given through our article you will have more confidence when picking an electrician and budgeting correctly for your project whilst still being environmentally friendly within your home setting. With all these strategies implemented appropriately, one can ensure that each electrical undertaking goes efficiently without issue making sure safety always comes first.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an electrician cost in Australia?

Electricians in Australia typically charge between $70 and $130 an hour for their services, though the final cost may depend on factors like the complexity of the job and the electrician’s expertise. Parts and materials are usually charged additionally.

How much does it cost to install a power point in Australia?

The average cost for putting in a power point in Australia usually starts from $65 and goes up to around $88 per hour.

How much does electricity cost per month in Sydney?

For a household of one to two individuals, the average cost for electricity every month in Sydney is $103.56.

What factors affect electrician costs across Sydney suburbs?

The pricing of electrician services in Sydney’s different areas is largely impacted by geographic location, the level of demand for them, and how much competition there exists.


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